Eva Wymola - THE SINGER

Through her continuous dedication to the vocal repertoire of the second half of the nineteenth century and to classical modern and contemporary composers, Eva Wymola has found her own unique style of interpretation.

Her highly expressive rendering of words and music combined with a dramatic plasticity in the presentation, also in Lieder, gives her performances an exceptional quality.

She is a true mezzo-soprano, the compass of her voice ranging into the baritone register. Its extraordinary consistency and flexibility as well as its unusual timre and richness of tone-colour bear witness to her Slav background, her western European training and her wide experience as an international professional singer.

On her demo CD Eva Wymola sings 21 Lieder, Songs und Chansons. Enjoy some sound pieces and order if interested!*

"Meinem Kinde"
by Richard Strauss

"Lullaby of Birdland"
by G. Shearing/G.D. Weiss

"Les feuilles mortes"
by J. Kosma/J. Prévert

Eva Wymola

Thomas Hauschka (Lieder) und Tizian Jost (Songs, Chansons), Piano

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